Edl mode on redmi note 5 pro: Unbrick Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro in quikly


NOTE: Disassembling Redmi note 5 pro can void your phone warranty. Do not disassemble your phone just put Redmi note 5 pro on edl mode if it is running ok.  I will not be held be responsible if something goes wrong during this process. Do it our own risk.

Edl stands for emergency download mode. Edl is Qualcomm enabled feature. Edl is useful to unbrick, unlock the bootloader, modify the protected device. Edl is not necessarily found in all the Qualcomm based smartphone. Mostly modern Qualcomm based android phones are enabled edl mode. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro have edl mode enabled. I will tell how you can unbrick your Redmi note 5 pro if it gets bricked during flashing/rooting, powering on, and not booting in recovery mode- almost dead.

To enable edl mode on redmi note 5 pro will have to remove back panel of redmi note 5 pro. Follow the instructions below-

Disassemble Redmi note 5 pro  (back panel)

Disconnect the battery (edl mode need not require battery power and it is also important to disconnect the battery)

Remove the tape, under you see two edl pins. we need to short both pins a metal.

Short the two pins by using a twizzer any metal pins, wire.

 Edl mode on redmi note 5 pro

Take any standard micro USB cable and plug one end to Redmi note 5 pro and connect the end to your PC. Make sure you keep shorting the edl pins until you the device gets detected on PC.

To know if the redmi note 5 pro on edl mode or not, open disk management, check Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (Com7) detected on device manager. Make sure all the drivers are installed properly on your PC.

Open xiaomi flash tool and refresh it, now you can flash ROM, unlock bootloader now.

Redmi note 5 pro edl mode

To disable edl mode Redmi Note 5 pro, unplug the USB cable and connect the battery.

To know to how to install android oreo in Redmi note 5 pro: click here


  1. sir battery dissconnect krne k baad deep flash cable work kregi kya edl mode mai dalne k liye note 5 pro ko
    mtlb testpoint ko shot krne ki jgh flash cable ka use kr skte h kya

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