How to recharge mobile number by Facebook app

The largest social media platform Facebook has recently added a recharge option in the Facebook app. Facebook now allows users to recharge your mobile through its Facebook app. Although you can recharge your mobile numbers by many recharge applications, but Facebook had made even better by bringing recharge feature in facebook app. You need not to install different recharge applications to do mobile number recharges. In this blog, I will tell you how to recharge mobile number by facebook app.


To use Facebook recharge feature, the users have to install facebook app (if not installed) or update the Facebook app to the latest version. Go to google play store, tap on my apps and games and see there is new updates available for the facebook app.




  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Go to the menu and swipe to the rightmost panel where you see mobile recharge option.
  3. Select the option and you will be asked to enter mobile number.
  4. The app will automatically select mobile operator and circle by itself, you have to manually select operator and circle of your mobile number is ported.
  5. Enter the amount you want to recharge you can also browse various plans like data, call, roaming tariff plans.
  6. Now, proceed to the payment screen and complete the payment to recharge your mobile or data card.

mobile number recharge by facebook app


The Facebook app currently supports debit and credit cards as a payment option, however soon will other payment options like UPI, Internet banking, wallets will be available in future though I can’t confirm you right now.

Just a couple of days ago, Facebook faced huge criticism related to user data leak. Many users had uninstalled or deleted their facebook account. I think facebook want to gain more users by bringing recharge option in facebook app. We had also seen many changes and new privacy/ security improvement recently in facebook app.



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