Steelseries Sims4 Gaming Mouse-Best under Rs 600 for gaming like CSGO

Steelseries Sims4 Gaming Mouse by SteelSeries is a wired USB mouse specially made for the simulator games. I played CSGO and Fortnite by this mouse which performed responsively but not but when it comes to accuracy, it is not that great.

Sims4 gaming mouse comes with RGB functionality; however, it is not a full RGB mouse. The RGB light is placed under scrolling button. which looks appealing. You can customize the RGB light according to your taste by the software which can be downloaded form it steel series site. This has 1500 dpi which is less especially for fps games like CSGO, PUBG.

steelseries sims 4 gaming mouse

Inside the box, you get a set of printed instructions and the mouse itself with a cable tie to keep things neat. The driver to customize additional functions of the mouse is only available online.

Steelseries sims4 gaming mouse has an outer case made out of white plastic with light grey plastic on its base. The built quality is very good considering the price. The SIMS mouse comes with long 2-meter white cable; the quality of the cable is good. You also get forward and backward button of its side base which is good. I like to use the backward and forward button of the mouse. You can customize this buttons with its software. All the buttons are customizeable through its software. The scroll wheel makes a slight noise when you scrolling.

The mouse feels comfortable and feels ergonomic. However, it is bit slippery when you working for extended period of time. The mouse click is responsive and not make much click sound which is nice.

When used for day to day applications, The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse has no issue whatsoever. SIMS4 mouse also works good, when you use it on without a mouse mat. I would suggest using it on a mouse mat for better and accurate performance.

In gaming, SIMS4  gaming mouse works very well. I played CSGO, Assassin Creed Origin, Wolfenstein 2 in which I did not found any issue. Although sometime SIMS4 mouse a little bit lag when it comes to shooting, but I don’t think that is a deal breaker. This mouse is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and some other e-commerce sites to be purchased around 600-900Rs. In deals, you will be able to grab it around RS 500.

Overall, The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse is capable mouse with a good design. You can’t find better than this under 600 RS though some cheap Chinese mouse is available to buy with more buttons, RGB light, high dpi, however, these mice have do not last long. They look fancy, but when it comes to performance most of these mice do not perform well due to cheap components and sensors are used in chinese mice. I would recommend to buy this mouse if you are looking for a good gaming mouse from reputed brand under Rs.600.

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