Xiaomi India Increased Redmi Note 5 Pro and LED TVs Price.

Xiaomi India today has increased the price of Redmi Note 5 pro each variant by Rs 1000. Now the now price of Redmi note 5 pro 6 GB will be now available at Rs 16999 and, 4GB Rs14999 and 3GB Rs 12999. It is weird to see that Redmi note 5 pro price increased when ASUS max pro M1 with same specs is available to buy from 3 May 2018 to at 14999 (6gb), 12999 (4GB) and 10999 (3GB). In addition,the price of the MI TV 4 55-inch has been increased by Rs. 5,000.

Asus Zenphone MAX Pro M1 offer better specifications like big batter, dual 4G VOLTE, and android OREO out of the box. Now I do not see any reason to buy Redmi note 5 pro. ASUS Zenphone max pro M1 seems a better option than Remi note 5 pro in less than Rs 2000.

Redmi note 5 pro price increased

According to Mi India twitter page, due high demand for Redmi note 5 pro and their LED Televisions and the recent change in tax import tax structure led him to increase the price of Redmi note 5 pro and LED TVs.

Note: Those who have already pre-ordered the Redmi note 5 pro will get it at old price, but new orders will be taken by new price.


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